Resources to Support Your Practice

Now more than ever, there's a need for coaches, therapists, teachers and guides to have powerful learning spaces where they can practice meeting trauma effectively, ethically and sustainably.

Over 15 years of training and working with clients amidst the thickest of thick, I've learned that when you have frameworks and tools based in the nervous system, nature and the embodiment of soul, you can tap into fields that are far bigger than our human challenges, and be supported by those nourishing energies, even as you support others.

In other words ‚ÄĒ

There are almost-magical methods, that when exercised over time, can make meeting intense trauma feel like a divine dance of alchemy... rather than a jaw-clenching, belly-twisting emergency.

These practices are not meant to be done through intellect alone.

In fact, the top-down disembodiment of our cultures is a leading factor of the trauma we're undergoing collectively.

Rather, these practices are meant to be experienced in the moment and in the body... on the Earth and with support from well-ancestors, animals and spirit guides.

Which is why I'm so excited to have created this mystical learning cauldron for World Changing Witches ready to exercise the art of alchemy.

Dive in!

Resources to Support Your Healing

The ReBloom Book

$24.99 USD

A mythical map for coaches facilitating personal and collective trauma resolution.

ReBloom is a garden of initiation.

If you're ready to serve your clients and our world with the highest integrity, effectiveness and heart, this model can be your medicine.

Through seven original archetypes for post-traumatic growth, you'll be guided on a profound journey of healing, awakening, and regenerating — your personal aliveness, your professional capacity, and our collective wellness.

Offering cutting edge nervous system science, trauma-informed coaching skills, a lens on systemic oppression, and an entire chapter on ethics, 

ReBloom is the book you need if you're ready to serve impeccably.

Get your copy!

The ReBloom Coherence Course

$99 USD

This Self-Paced course includes:

  • 7 deep and digestible educational modules 
  • A coherence practice for each archetype
  • A thorough workbook full of questions and practices for each archetype
  • A full-length guided Coherence Practice that weaves all 7 archetypes together in a sequence of embodied healing

All created to support you in healing and reblooming at your own rhythm.

You can revisit the modules and practices over and over again to grow your coherence from the inside out!

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The ReBloom Client Starter Pack

$150 USD

This starter pack is intended for clients of ReBloom coaches and/or coaches who would like in-depth, self-led support in the ReBloom body of work.  

In it you will find: 

1. ReBloom Meditations

2. ReBloom Altar Cards

3. ReBloom Ebook and Audiobook

4. Self Paced Coherence Course

When you work with with a Certified ReBloom Coach, ask them for a discount code for the ReBloom Client Starter Pack (50% off). 

Get yours here!

The ReBloom Mediations

$33 USD

Six meditations created with careful, invitational language specifically designed to support sensitive nervous systems seeking greater stability, resilience, trust and vitality. Topics center:

  • ‚ÄčEmbodied trust
  • Grounding and presencing
  • Unbreakable core
  • ReBloom your blueprint
  • Alchemizing difficult emotions
  • Soul seed communion

Each of these meditations is created with careful, invitational language specifically designed to support sensitive nervous systems seeking greater stability, resilience, trust and vitality.

I hope they nourish and empower you as much as they nourish and empower me!

Learn more here!

We Have Some Freebies Too!

ConSensual Sales

During this (pre-recorded) 2-hour class we covered all kindsa powerful, important things about doing sales in a way that’s aligned with soul, heart and earthly-smart. 

The class curriculum included:
-The current cultural context
-The new culture we’re here to co-create
-The whole holy point of ConSensual Sales
-Non-consensual sales (womp womp)
-Sales pages: what to offer, how to price
-A tiny detour to marketing 10
-How to work with cost objections
-How to feel more confident in your sales
-ConSensual Sales Call demo!

Embodied Trust Meditation

Honor and harness your body’s wisdom with this FREE short and powerful guided audio meditation.

The tricky thing about trauma is we can’t talk or process our way out of it.

It’s a somatic, nervous-system based phenomenon that requires body-based approaches to soothing, healing and transforming.

If you’re longing to know what home feels like in your body, give yourself 10 minutes to rest into this audio.

Coherence Course Introduction: Soul Seed

The free introduction to the Coherence Course includes:

-An in-depth, digestible video overview of the 7 ReBloom Archetypes.

-A video overview of the Soul Seed territory, imprint, hyper and hypo responses, and the path back to blueprint.

-Soul Seed Coherence Practice video and audio recording.

-A 20-page digital workbook to guide you through the Soul Seed archetype.

Take the ConSensual Sales class
Listen to the Embodied Trust meditation
Dive into the free Soul Seed Introduction to the Coherence Course

Creator and Founder, Rachael

Rachael Maddox is the creator and founder of the ReBloom Coach Training, an 18-month certification training for experienced coaches seeking to bring ethical, top-quality trauma resolution to their clients and community.

After serving hundreds of humans with sexual or developmental trauma, Rachael created a groundbreaking archetypal model for healing that centers both personal and collective resiliency.

Rachael has been featured on over 100 podcast interviews and is esteemed as a leading teacher, expert and guide on trauma in the coaching industry. Her first book, Secret Bad Girl: A Sexual Trauma Memoir and Resolution Guide, sold over 20,000 copies, and is praised for its page-turning infectiousness.

Rachael has the unique capacity to find patterns amidst complexity, and share digestible, soulful ways forward. An artist and mystic, humanitarian and lover, she fills every page of ReBloom with poetic, radical visions for a more beautiful world.

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