Tis the season of magic, and you, my love, are invited to amplify your most irreverent, cackling, joyful inner-witch.

Because you're tired of strategizing your way through evvverything.

Because you miss the ancient, ancestral practice of incanting plant-spirits in boiling pots over fire. (Chamomile, oh chamomile!)

Because you're a poet and you know it, and you really wanna INVOKE it.

Because you've got dreams and visions, hopes and yearnings, and you wanna draw them closer to you in a way that feels mystical and FUN. (The striving. The pressure. The push push push. Whyyyyy??)

Because you KNOW you're at least part-witch, and you want support and guidance activating your magick.


What you create, call in, contemplate and collaborate on TAKES ON THE ENERGY you embody at its inception.

What's your default maker-mode?

What's the vibe you tend to create inside? 

And WHAT IF... through the ancient practice of potion concocting... you could add JOY and MISCHIEF, MAGIC and PLAY to your everyday tasks? – Both high stakes, and low?

Gotta sales page to write? Make a Magnetic Coherence Potion first.

A house to clean? Time for a Fun Focus Potion.

Scrolling Hinge for your next hot date? Why not stir some extra synchronicity into the field while you swipe? Make a Trusty Lusty Lovey Dovey Potion.

Overdue handling your taxes?! Shameless Adulting Potion to the rescue.

✨BUY NOW $33✨

Hey mystical one,

There's a reason why all of my friends tell me I'm the most powerful witch they know. Cause I am, biotch! Muahahahaa. 

Let me teach you the art of playful incantation, joyyyful spell work, and ancient communion with plants & poetry.


Anyone and everyone is QUALIFIED to make a potion.

There is no gatekeeping. No application. No proof of your lineage necessary.

Just a cauldron. (That’s witch-talk for a big hearty pot on the stove top).

A few ingredients. (Whatcha got in your cupboard will surely work.)

And a spell. A sincere wish. A rhythmic plea from parted lips over steaming sips... punctuated with a cackle. ;)

What's Stirred into the Potion Power Pot (aka–What's Included with your Purchase)

  • 7 itty bitty videos / audios (you choose) that walk you through How to Make a Potent Potion (watch or listen any time you wanna make some magic!)
  • A delightful hand-drawn e-book that does the same! (Print it & scribble in it for each new potion you brew)
  • A list of potential potion ingredients, and what they can invoke when stirred into the pot. (But, hint: the trick is listening to your intuition on this!)
✨BUY NOW $33✨

What if you could feel more powerful, without all the heavy lifting?

What if you could feel more magnetic, without all the inner-striving?

What if JOY is the secret ingredient behind every potent potion... and you're one tiny cackle away from stirring yourself a new destiny?

Okay, okay, I'm not promising new destinies (pretty sure that's not how destiny works), but I *am* promising a way to cultivate new ENERGY around anyyyyy area of your life that's feeling stale... or that just wants a lil extra razzle dazzle.

Add a dose of playful spice to your next heartfelt pursuit... or everything you do. You choose.

✨BUY NOW $33✨