ReBloom Meditations

Hello beautiful,

Whether you’re working through your own trauma or working with others who have trauma, these audio meditations will ground, center and strengthen you, enhancing your sustainable aliveness on the levels of body, mind, spirit and soul.

  • Tap into and sustain your greatest health
  • Move through challenging moments with compassionate curiosity
  • Grow your capacity for life’s intensity
  • Connect to inner-calm, stability and ease
  • Trust yourself to locate and honor your Truth
  • Heal and nourish your nervous system
  • Have easy access to a grounding tool for returning to your power

Each of these meditations is created with careful, invitational language specifically designed to support sensitive nervous systems seeking greater stability, resilience, trust and vitality.

I hope they nourish and empower you as much as they nourish and empower me!





Once you make your purchase, you’ll be sent an email with a link to all 6 ReBloom meditations. You’ll be able to stream the meditations online with ease, or download them as MP3s.


Each meditation begins with a 2-3 minute framework and intention, then dives into the experience from there.

  • EMBODIED TRUST (10:25) ::
    • For the moments when you’re fearing or doubting your next move
    • For the person learning to honor their needs, body, heart, yeses and no’s
    • For the practitioner wanting a tool for working with clients when they’re triggered (this models the ABC’s of trauma resolution)
    • For before or after an intense experience
    • For the person who feels scattered or disoriented, wants to become more stable and expansive
    • For the practitioner wanting to grow their own and their client’s capacity for intensity (this is a great one for beginning a session!)
  • UNBREAKABLE CORE (14:30) ::
    • For moments of faithlessness, fear or overwhelm
    • For the person who’s aching and wanting to remember their light inside
    • For the practitioner wanting to strengthen their connection to their infinite source of love-power-light, so they can help their clients do the same (this is great for before a session!)
    • For the moments when your body’s feeling worn down, disconnected or in pain
    • For the person who wants to heal their nervous system and experience more relaxation, physical vitality and health
    • For the practitioner wanting to help their clients orient to embodied health without bypassing embodied difficulty (this is great for physical healing support and/or nervous system care)
    • For the times when the FEELS (grief, shame, rage) are taking over and you don’t know how to move them through your system
    • For the person who’s afraid of their own power
    • For the practitioner who wants a simple, potent tool for guiding their clients through big emotions (this is great when someone’s in a whirlwind of emotion they can’t get out of)
  • SOUL SEED COMMUNION (14:44) ::
    • For the times when you need support listening to the wisdom of your very own soul
    • For the person who’s struggling with worthiness, and wants to come into cosmic, embodied devotion to themselves
    • For the practitioner who wants to help their clients connect to the marriage of body and soul, self-worth and super-alignment

When you purchase the ReBloom Meditations, you also receive a beautifully designed printable PDF that highlights these descriptions for easy reference.



  1. There’s no right or wrong way to “do” these meditations. Your only job is to press play and sink in. Eyes open or closed, mind on board or not. You can doodle, fidget, move around. All good. Just allow yourself to choose a comfy position and… press play.
  2. Sometimes, when we have histories of trauma, meditation can feel a bit too close to “freeze” or dissociation. If that’s the case for you, no need to push yourself into this offering. A mindful movement practice might be a better thing to explore.
  3. That said, I usually like to find a quiet uninterrupted place and either sit or lay down (often shifting positions to be more comfortable part-way through).
  4. The emphasis with trauma-informed meditations is around being in harmony with your body in the moment, as opposed to being perfectly still or “doing it right”.
  5. How often should you do these meditations? That’s up to you! I recommend using them as preventative medicine, if at all possible. So instead of only pressing play when you’re in a pickle, see if you can work them into your regular self-care routines.
  6. If you’re brand new to meditating, perhaps see if you can do 3 days in a row. If you’re more seasoned, see if you can do one 3-6 days a week for 2 weeks. Science shows that dropping into meditative space for as little as 10 minutes a day drastically increases neural-plasticity, mood, higher-level cognition, and nervous system health. One day, you’ll be craving those 10 minutes a day!
  7. Find your favorite meditation(s) and do them over and over again. They’re designed to be iterative, allowing you to go deeper into the embodiment each time.

Once you make your purchase, you’ll be sent an email with a link to all 6 ReBloom meditations. You’ll be able to stream the meditations online, or download them as MP3s.

Please purchase with mindfulness as there are no refunds for this offering.