CACKLE; verb:
1. Unruly laughter born of soul deep erotic resonance.
2. Exactly what I want for you.

A free 30 minute ritual that will wake the volcanic belly laugh your business (and life) have been yearning for. 

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    You have an untamable genius within.

    A mischievous Witch full of purposeful joy, casting spells for a more beautiful world.

    And I have a ritual to help bring that Witch forward.

    Center potent play in your day to day.

    Amplify your wildest wisdom.

    In your work.

    In our world.

    In the cobwebbed corners of your most private hungering heart.

    30 minutes to embodying way more of your most meaningful magic.

    Free of cost.

    From my Wildest Witch to yours.


    🕯️A quick & dirty sermon on your GENIUS WITCH IN A BOTTLE

    🕯️A guided time-travel visualization & hands-on uncorking ritual... muahahahahahaaaa

    🕯️A magick-infused hand-drawn Ritual Guidebook to print & scribble all over if you'd like

    Those of us committed to personal & collective liberation can get easily stuck in the trap of over-seriousness.

    Overwhelmed with grief, rage, guilt or anxiety, we can forget that our soul's truest joy has an unmatched power within it... creative, erotic, useful.

    The wisest Witch knows how to harness that joy – at work, in the world, in the garden, kitchen & bedroom.

    Come come...
    Allow me to help you
    unleash your wild Cackle