...with confidence that cackles and a spark that sets you apart.

You wanna say the shit you've been holding in,
without feeling terrified they'll burn you at the stake.

I really hate to break it to you—
the burning is 100% inevitable.

So the question can't be, how do I avoid them disliking me?

It's gotta be, how do I move in ways that propel the True Me?

If you want velocity without grind...

Devotional service without saviorship or martydom...

Magnetism without opening your doors to just anyone...

If you wanna fight the good fight for our earth, our children, our future as a human family...
without living in a sympathetic stress response all damn day...

And money!... If you want money to support yourself and your family,
without shaming yourself out of it receiving it... 

You can have it.

Permission granted.

You can have all these things, honestly.

But not if your Witch is missing from your Business.

Not if you exile your edge.

Not if pleasing & appeasing has a secret hold on your power;
traumas & conditioning dampening your soul fire.

There is no freedom without your Fire.

And yes, you deserve to feel free.

But that doesn't mean ANY of this is easy. 

Which brings me to my story...

A year and a half ago, I let myself burn at the stake of my old professional identity.

It was not easy.

I had a company with over 20 contractors, and 60 students enrolled in an upcoming 18-month trauma resolution training program.

When my Witch said Stop.

Told me, give them back all their money. Get small & intimate. Make room for Baby.

I circled in coven with some of my closest beloveds, and ritual after ritual, I shed the over-trying, over-striving savior archetype who was hell-bent on Solving Everything For Everyone World Fucking Wide.

It was the hardest professional success I'd ever had.


Disappointing people.

Getting small.

And it was my Witch who made it happen.

She wasn't afraid of the consequences of diverging from expectations or norms.

She was insistent on them.

Because she knew owning those consequences was the portal to a whole new self.

A self not beholden to the old rules of her old life.

A self who was truly free.

Again, none of it was easy.

But ritual, and my coven, held me.

And eventually, in the void, I felt a tug.

I started to whisper,

"I just wanna do magical rituals with magical people for magical causes...

I just wanna say the shit I’m not supposed to say, about the things I’m not supposed to know.

I just wanna be a Professional Witch."

And here we are. It's happening.

Before I even launched this page, 60 of you said yes.

That's fucking wild.

I wanna teach you to be that magnetic.

Not by emulating me.

But by bringing out the Witch that’s Most Uniquely You.

By regathering your exiled edge, and centering your most potent essence.

It might take time.

My promise isn't that Business Witchery will once and for all reconnect you with your shameless power, The End... Nah.

Rather, if you're on a journey of whole self reclamation, I know in my bones that Business Witchery can be significantly supportive to your process.

My process was a solid two years.

That's cool. Let it take the time it needs.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Let's coven up.

Bring your candles.
I'll strike the match.

"Business Witchery may present like a business program, but expect these spells to impact every inch of your life. I found through each fun, potent and rich ritual that I uncovered much more than I anticipated about what I desired in my work and what was emergent in my personal life. I'd recommend this to anyone who knows their business hiccups are personal hiccups, and wants integrity and soul-guided life above all else.”

-Madison Morrigan (she/they), Intuitive Coach


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    "Business Witchery got me back in contact with parts of myself I have been hiding for years and disavowing. I felt expansive permission to come fully as I am and bring even more of my juiciness to the world. It was energizing, enlivening and exactly what I needed in a really challenging and lonely time. I am so grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is feeling like they are staying small, falling flat or otherwise need an infusion of magic in their business."

    -Liberty Gonzalez (they/them)

    This is for...

    • The secretly sassy healing professional who's dyyyyinnggggg to say what they're really thinking (maybe you're kinda boring yourself rn?)
    • The artists, writers & creators with gusto – wanting to bring even more truth, nuance & magick to their work
    • Both new and experienced entrepreneurs, coaches & guides ready to claim their edges & invigorate their work, words and offerings with wild potency
    • The mystical ones who love drippy beeswax candles, stirring herbs into potions, roaring free on the dance floor, and ink stains on the sides of hands
    • And the biz owners who are ready to ELEVATE their most uncensored wisdom in everything they're doing

    This is NOT for...

    • Those too skeptical of the power of ritual to simply sink in
    • Those with a lot of baggage / trauma around groups (you'll be invited to coven-up for a short period in likely every ritual)
    • Those who have a hard time sharing space with attunement to the group field or respect for difference
    • Those who need a lot of support differentiating between consent-based group ritual and traumatic religious experiences (I will be responsible for offering options and lots of room to do your own thing. You will be responsible for managing self-consent and self-integrity.)

    Your Witch is the missing ingredient.

    When you closet her/their power, you constrict your aliveness.

    Let her out. Let her cackle. Shake their ass. Cast their spells.

    What the Witches Are Saying

    The 7 Rituals of Business Witchery

    1. Cauldron Brew: Awaken & Amplify Your Uncensored Wisdom

    • Uncover the unique wisdom that's been exiled from your work and leadership
    • Work with the magick of potion-making to reunite with your exiled wisdom in a visceral, fun way
    • Leave with deeper connection to and trust in your deepest, clearest calling... fuck yes.

    2. Coven Up: The Secret How-To Behind Making Bold Moves in Your Biz

    • Learn the 3-fold magick ingredients of any business coven: Solidarity, Celebration & Support
    • Identify the specific forms of Solidarity, Celebration & Support that you most need now when it comes to uncensoring your Witch, then let it in... wildly
    • Leave with a potent vision of the unique coven you need in this season of your business... and instructions for how to cultivate it!

    3. The Stake You're Burning At: Give Yourself to the Fires of Transformation

    • Release outdated soul contracts – with specific people, groups and facets of your work
    • Work with Sacred Fire to generate movement around stuck energy
    • Banish what or who is no longer invited into your field. (Yes, you're allowed to banish! We will approach this with gentleness and care, as well as a non-absolute, non-violent, self-responsible energy.)
    • Leave feeling RELEASED from stories and soul contracts that have been keeping you from expressing your leading edge

    4. Altar Your State: Devote Potent Space to the Exaltation of Your Wisdom

    • On the ashes of what's been released, you're ready to build anew
    • Amplify the potency of your emergent wisdom, magick and vision in a hands-on mystical experience that will take your altar-work to the next level
    • Leave with an altar built that you can ground with daily to amplify your most practical & magical intentions

    5. Marry Your Soul's Aliveness: Call in Big Love at Every Level of Your Business

    • Root wildly into the love story you most want to tell through your business & your calling
    • Uncover where you're settling for half-hearted
    • Scribe love spell scrolls of shameless desire – to your future self, your future clients, your future business, your future LIFE
    • Leave feeling LIT UP and in wild connection to the future, the soul vision, that's radically seducing you

    6. Potent Potion: Cultivate Super-Coherent Offerings In Coherence with Your Emergent Wisdom & Soul's Aliveness

    • Find the enchanting overlap between your favorite students / clients deepest need, and your most exciting zone of genius
    • Say yes to your next new offering or update an old one
    • Let your Witch tell you how to structure it & saturate it so it's full of your most delicious wisdom & magick
    • Leave feeling confident, grounded and focused on exactly what you're meant to offer next (or how you're meant to amend a current offer) 

    7. Spell-Binding: Market like a Siren

    • Learn the art of Consensual Seduction
    • Harness your art, self-expression, opinions and taboo identities to invite others in, even when you're not selling
    • Write yourself and your people free, repeatedly
    • Leave with 3 completed stories written... because when you let magick help, it's easy peasy.

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      🕯️7 live 2-hour Rituals that will transport you into wild communion with your Soul (recordings available if you can't attend live or you'd like to do them again and again)

      🕯️7 magickally curated playlists that guide every inch of each ritual so that from start to finish you're in an altered, exalted state

       🕯️ Magick-infused hand-drawn Ritual Guidebooks to print & scribble all over for each ritual

      🕯️4 live 2-hour Biz Witch Council Calls with Rachael – bring your deepest leadership, business or self-expression challenges, and be met with seasoned support from someone who's been in the game for 15 years. This was a fan favorite during our first round!! Come live if you can!

      🕯️BONUS – pre-recorded Potion Power Class that guides you through the process of making a potion to meet you in ANY question – big or small

      🕯️BONUS – pre-recorded ConSensual Sales Class so you can quit the fuckery once and for all, and sell with consensual love like the Good Witch that you are ;)

      What the Witches Are Saying

      Close your eyes. Imagine this.

      If your wisest wildest Witch was FREE, CELEBRATED, LOVED & UNLEASHED at the helm of your business... what would look different? In your work, and our world?

      Let's find out together.



      "I'm so grateful that Rachael's evolution as a teacher has been a perfect fit for my evolution as a student. This was such a profound offering which cleared a lot of mental fog and brought me back into alignment and integrity. The rituals were such an amazing adventure of self discovery. I can't wait to do it all again. Immense gratitude Rachael!"

      -Amy Jansz , Ceremonial Witch


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        "I would recommend this container for anyone in business who is looking to get back in touch with the truth of who they are. Rachael's fierce holding of the space helped me remember my innate magic. I felt both deeply supported and fired up to share my medicine and stop hiding."

        -Grace Bella Harman, Embodied Transition Guide

        A few important questions, answered:

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