• If you’re afraid your secret stuckness is somehow all your fault

  • If you find yourself inside of stories more than science or stoic diagnosis

  • If your heart’s hungry for healing and your sexuality wants deep freedom

… Secret Bad Girl is an intimate exposé about life under the trauma spell and how I found my way to liberation.

Healing happens. Everything changes. This book can be your friend and guide.


Powerful and brave, this is the book that I wish that I had during so many moments of secrecy and trauma over the course of my adolescence. What Rachael Maddox has done with this book is crack open the conversation that we aren’t having – the one with ourselves about what it means to take responsibility for our bodies, to become whole again, and to reclaim our lives (and sexual selves) by rebuilding it from the inside out. The best piece? The writing is infectious. Her charismatic approach to a difficult topic helps the words seep around the edges, so that you can truly access. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly. – Mara Glatzel



Honest, uncensored, beautiful. Rachael’s writing style is delightful to read, easy to understand, and magical in it’s ability to help readers suffering from trauma heal and have hope for a better life where things start to make sense again. Do yourself a favor and read this book. – Amanda



I cannot begin to even express the magnitude of gratitude I have for this work you do. I read Secret Bad Girl in super-fast speed and I was so happy to be reading the journey of a woman who had experiences of her boundaries being transgressed painfully and sexually, in a manner I could relate to. I have felt for a long time that having a “normal” relationship would almost be an impossibility. However, thanks to your words and work, my certainty that this dream of healthy love can come true for me is getting stronger day by day and a large part of that certainty is thanks to you, Rachael, and your work. – SP


What a fucking fucking fucking powerful book. I’ve read a lot A LOT of books on trauma and healing, forgiveness, etc. and this one, this book, well, it doesn’t sugar coat, it doesn’t talk in PhD words, it doesn’t take the long route around an issue. When I read Rachael’s words, it helped me peel back my layers in a safe place, in unison of reading her story. If you read this Rachael, I give you a giant hug filled with love, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story. – Julie



Rachael Maddox has written a profound, potentially life-altering book. Lifting trauma out of the shadows and into the heart and soul, she allieviates the secret pains that haunt so many, through her brilliant vulnerability and phenomenally (and magically!) expressed message of hope and real-life healing. Thank you Rachael, for being a bright light and speaking your truth. I was once a secret bad girl. Now I KNOW that I am whole. – G.E.

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