Hi beautiful humans,

This little 2-hour class on ethical, effective sales has circulated on the interwebs for 3+ years. It's become renowned in the coaching industry as a compassionate wake up call with grounded tools for moving forward in greater integrity. 

A lot of coaches are scared to “leave” the culture of trickery, extraction and exploitation, and co-create a more resonant, aligned and ALIVE culture of consent, reverence and care with their clients.

If you’re a healing professional and feel nervous about things like:

  • Dealing with "price objections" on sales calls (hint: there's no such thing)
  • Putting prices on your website
  • Charging prices that will put food on your table 
  • Leaving behind scarcity marketing tactics you've learned from expensive business coaches

...this class is most def for you.

You will leave with a big exhale in your heart, a mind that begins to shed a buncha toxic shit, and a soul that zings with resonance. (Hopefully... ;)

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The class curriculum includes:

  • The current cultural context
  • The new culture we’re here to co-create
  • The whole holy point of ConSensual Sales
  • Non-consensual sales (womp womp)
  • Sales pages: what to offer, how to price
  • A tiny detour to marketing 101
  • How to work with cost objections
  • How to feel more confident in your sales
  • ConSensual Sales Call demo!

When you sign up, you'll also receive a beautiful, thorough 13-page ConSensual Sales Workbook that you can peek at, print out, use to support your sales process. Enjoy!

Also included in this free course is a Scope-of-Practice Check List to help you tune into topics that are safe, sexy and sustainable for you to work with…or not. Scribble all over that, too.

Okay, gorgeous soul. Thanks for bein’ you and stayin’ true. We got this. Here’s to co-creating the world we really really really wanna live in. We’re alchemists after all… right? 

Big love,


Sign up for the ConSensual Sales Class

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