Beloved, it literally harms no one for you to
make bank in ethical, soul aligned ways.

You – a World-Changing Witch with a world-changing vision –
are allowed to have the world-changing wealth required
to bring your calling to fruition.

And I am here to help you in all the ways I know how.

In the CEO Coven we make space for you to go big for the sake of your world-changing vision –

🍯 Stack recurring monthly revenue that stabilizes your financial foundation

🍯 Celebrate your first $10k... or $100k launch

🍯 Sell 20,000 copies of your first book

🍯 Crystalize your messaging to magnetize aligned community & customers

🍯 Land the prime time interview that makes that big-time impact

🍯 Prosper in early motherhood as you pursue your purpose

🍯 Harness cost benefit analysis to make efficient, profitable biz decisions

🍯 Cast ethical spells for yourself, your people & the whole wide world

🍯 Regulate your nervous system as you expand past your comfort zone

🍯 Heal the business trauma that's blocking you from soul-aligned success

🍯 Express your edgiest potency with embodied trust & support

🍯 Belong in your power, as well as your vulnerabilities


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Hi, I’m Rachael Maddox, and I’m living proof that aligned abundance and impact without selling out or extracting from anyone, yourself included, is possible.

After 13 years experience working at the intersections of trauma resolution, social change & online business, I’ve learned that the most important thing about expanding your income & impact isn’t JUST smart business strategy or a soul-aligned calling.

It’s a feeling of sacred belonging with other ambitious World-Changing Witches. 

Witches who are willing to buck the collective narratives about what it means to be “good revolutionaries”... and earn great money offering powerful, healing gifts to our world.

Because the truth is?


It's too threatening for our human attachment systems to grow beyond our known identities without connection with other brazen beloveds. 

Our movement for collective liberation needs money in the hands of communities that care – now more than ever.

That’s why I’ve created The Business Witchery CEO Coven.

Because I'm here to create space for ambitious revolutionary hearts to PROSPER shamelessly... together.

If this slightly triggers you, but also arouses and magnetizes you, and in your heart of hearts, you’re ready to do things differently… I’m here for you.

I know how tender and tricky it can be to go beyond our inner-glass ceilings, go against the cultural programming that says money = bad, bad, bad... and live into easeful, impactful abundance – when so many in the world are getting by on so little.

But truly... let's spend less time feeling ashamed about our privileges, and more time harnessing them for good.

The Investment

 $3,300 USD

$3,300 PAY IN FULL
$550/6 MO PLAN
$330/10 MO PLAN

We also have solidarity pricing for single moms, people of the global majority & those who truly need it.

Click the button below for the $2,000 Pay-in-Full or $200/mo over 10-months payment plan option.
Reach out to [email protected] if you need something more extended.


5% of all earnings from this program will be circulated to the people of Gaza.

Doors Close Friday August 9th

This is how we're gonna
✨10x in 6 months time✨

🍯 8 Ritual Workshops 

I guide you through the most practical magick for 10x-ing your income & impact that I’ve ever conjured in my super potent spell book. You leave deeply changed & ready to implement, big time.

🍯 12 Somatic Group Coaching Sessions 

Receive 1:1 alchemical coaching from me around anything that’s challenging you in your biz. Expect embodied change. Cellular shifts. Clarity, coherence and bone deep trust. I am DEVOTED to supporting you. (2 hot seats gaurunteed)

🍯 6 Monthly Peer Covens!

Join together with 4 other Biz Witches (5 per coven) and practice the magick of celebration, solidarity & support. Either create your coven ahead of time, or answer our highly specific intake survey and be custom-matched into a right-fit group that's aligned with your business experience, goals and interests. YOU WILL RECEIVE SO MUCH FROM YOUR FELLOW BIZ WITCHES, I PROMISE!

🍯 A Group Slack Channel!

24/7 babayyyyy. Share your WINS, your JOYS, your questions, and?!?! Your OFFERINGS! Honor the progress & magick we’re making, and connect, encourage & inspire. 

That's 1 transformational experience / week for 6 months,
all in service to 10x-ing your income & impact.

Everything's optional.
Do what feels optimal.

Dates & Times

Ritual Workshops are mostly on Mondays from 10am-12:30pm PST.

We may not use the full 2.5 hours, but please allocate for that time.

The full program calendar is listed in the FAQ below.

Recordings will be made available within 24 hours.

Doors close Friday August 9th

Ritual 1 is Monday August 12th

The 8 Ritual Workshops
of the CEO Coven

The 8 Ritual Workshops
of the CEO Coven

1. Unleash Your Genius Witch – Get clear & comfortable centering your most potent, joyful medicine in your offerings, marketing and brand... and leave the rest behind.

  • Gather clarity about your most unique advantage
  • Connect to your most delicious flow state
  • Stand out & attract soul mate clients
  • Eliminate your "meh" commitments
  • Free up your TIME to do only what you're obsessed with

2. Expansion Contraction Alchemy – Learn essential nervous system tools for breaking your internalized glass ceiling without mental, emotional or embodied breakdowns.

  • Learn about & honor your nervous system's urge to contract whenever you're expanding past your known safety zone
  • Feel more free to be brave for your truest call
  • Gain tools to practice anytime fear tries to sabotage the expansion of your identity, income or impact

3. The 10x Effect – Heal your relationship to ambition by moving through a practical process for going bigger than ever before, with as much ease as possible. 

What if bigger goals are actually… easier? Edgier, yes. But also simpler.

  • Identify your Genius Witch's boldest vision and direction
  • Listen for how to make the impossible inevitable by aiming bigger, not smaller
  • Create a personalized 10x Business Plan
  • Move forward with velocity rather than anxiety

4. Risk-Taking & Resilience – Practice the two most essential skills for staying in the entrepreneurship game for the long-haul.

  • Know when to leap vs. when to hang back at big thresholds in your biz
  • Build resiliency to recover from fails and flops
  • See yourself with unconditional positive regard, even when things don't go "as planned"
  • Know how to make micro-pivots when there's a kink in the flow (of sales, alignment, clients)
  • Bounce back at a soul and body level when conflict, cashflow challenges or mistakes grace your stage

5. Codify Your Calling – Know how to frame, pitch and teach your work in a way that sells like hotcakes because it's so easy to digest.

  • Create or update a Body of Work rooted in your Genius Witch’s most unique medicine, rather than teaching or facilitating someone else’s
  • Enlist confidence through your truest thought leadership
  • Create an ease of process for everyone who works with you that makes it so easy for them to share about your work
  • Coalesce your wisest medicine into the outline of a signature book, program, offering or system
  • Learn my SOP for curriculum development that is worth it's weight in gold

6. Financial Pleasure Flow – Create a plan to fund your world-changing visions in an exciting, regenerative way.

  • Tap into the pleasure of what money can buy you
  • Connect with the WHY behind your desire for world-changing wealth
  • Cultivate a unique-to-your-biz system for slowing, spreading and sharing resources in alignment with your world-changing vision 
  • Plan for a WELLSPRING of wealth for yourself, your community and our world… now & into the future

7. Money Expansion Magick – Anchor financial structures that allow for abundance to flow towards your big visions.

SPECIAL GUEST: my fractional CFO & lifelong bestie, Jodi McLaren!

  • Create a cost-benefit analysis map for your next 2 years in business
  • Learn how to manage your money with the Profit First system
  • Get clear on what to launch first, at what price-point, and why
  • Stop feeling stressed and messy around money
  • Start feeling more mature and empowered in your finances

8. Serve, Sell, Sub – Troubleshoot your sales struggles or dips the witchy way.

  • Identify which facet can help you 10x your sales with greater ease: serving, selling or subbing.
  • Practice connecting with your archetypal Service Witch, Sales Witch & Sub Witch… in a fun process that unlocks your Wealthiest Witch Potential! Muahahahaha
  • Feel trust and confidence navigating low sales, "meh" launches, or slow money months

GO BIG for the sake of your world-changing visions without betraying your world-changing values in a coven of other brazen beloveds.

A coven who isn’t intimidated by your potency or power.

A coven who meets you in your heart-felt ambitions.

A coven who is WILLING to stretch past known limitations for the sake of birthing more beautiful collective conditions.

A coven who can honor revolutionary ethics AND cultivate wild abundance.




For seasoned CEOs with established bodies of work who want bold support as they go bigger than ever.

$10k in full.
5 monthly payments of $2k.
Or 10 monthly payments of $1k.

Receive all of the above that comes with the Business Witchery CEO Coven AND

💦6 75-minute 1:1 sessions to somatically align to your most brazen 10x destiny

💦Once / month Honey Pot Peer Coven with me & the other Honey Potters!

💦Exclusive Honey Pot Group Chat (I show up once/week to dive in & offer devotional support)

If you're ready to go ALL IN and you're hungry to be surrounded by other ambitious kin, let's dive in.​


"Rachael Maddox has a rare depth and capacity. Brilliant, sharp and attuned mind, a heart so vast you feel enveloped in her presence and instincts that are uncanny and witchy-wise. And damn, can she hold a container.

As someone who does a lot of holding, who wields a lot of inner power and has heaps of ambition, it honestly takes someone both strong and sensitive, trustable and trusting, and deeply experienced in their craft to fully relax into their holding. With Rachael I can let go. She knows just how to meet, honour, lead and pace the deepest of territories towards the sweetest of revelations.

If you’re a leader who holds, drives and is responsible for all the things, who deep down wonders of anyone can meet those places and spaces that you know you need to go, Rachael is your witch."

– Chela Davison, Master Integral Coach, Creator of LEAD

"I can say without a doubt that Rachael is one of the best post-traumatic-growth practitioners I have ever encountered. She utlizes many modalities, weaving her magic effortlessly, while empowering her client to be in full self-consent and sovereignty at all times.

The amazing thing about Rachael is that she can help you resolve your trauma AND she is an incredibly skilled business coach.

My business bloomed financially, emotionally & spiritually while working with Rachael. Instead of feeling drained by my work, I am feeling filled up and alive. Coaching with Rachael has allowed me to consistently serve from a place of abundance and love, while honoring my own needs and desires at the same time."

- Jessica Graham, Author, Meditation Teacher, Trauma and Grief Resolution Guide, Couples Coach, Filmmaker, and Actor

"Rachael has an incredible gift of really seeing the people in front of her.

There was no hiding in our work and I felt so seen, honored and supported by her.

She is simultaneously a magical witch and incredibly human -- and we were able to tackle some really difficult things with levity and at my right pace.

My work with Rachael and her support changed my damn life. She's the most in integrity coach and mentor I have ever worked with and I am forever changed by her support."

-Alyssa Pressman, LCSW+Certified Coach

"Rachael is a magician, in the deepest sense. She has a profound gift for finding the golden thread that will change everything, and following that thread all the way through to the embodied liberation on the other side. She is MASTERFUL at her craft, so much so that it’s seamless, which allows for a kind of profound integration that can only be facilitated by someone with her depth of mastery. If you want your patterns to actually CHANGE, FOR GOOD, then place yourself in front of Rachael, and you will be amazed at the results in your life and work."

-Nisha Moodley, Leadership Coach

"Rachael’s clarity and confidence created a safe and juicy space for experimentation, trusting my intuition and letting myself not have to do it all perfectly."

- Business Witchery Student

"Potent, fun, and transformative. I emerged feeling even more free to be my wild and wacky self in my marketing."

- Sara Giita Flores

"Rachael's fierce holding of the space helped me remember my innate magic. I felt both deeply supported and fired up to share my medicine and stop hiding."

- Grace Bella Harman, Embodied Transition Guide

"I felt expansive permission to come fully as I am and bring even more of my juiciness to the world. It was energizing, enlivening and exactly what I needed. I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling like they are staying small, falling flat or otherwise need an infusion of magic in their business."

- Liberty Gonzalez (they/them)

"Rich, deep, transformational medicine but it was also light, practical and super fun!"

- Business Witchery Student

"Working with Rachael in uncensoring myself and owning my wisdom was a pure delight. I walked in feeling incredibly unsure about my voice and message, and I'm walking out with not only far more joy, clarity, and gratitude than I had imagined but also tools to deepen into this work moving forward.”

- Business Witchery Student

Say Yes to Your World-Changing Vision

$3,300 USD

$3,300 PAY IN FULL
$550/6 MO PLAN
$330/10 MO PLAN

5% of all earnings from this program will be circulated to the people of Gaza.

"One call with you and you revolutionized my whole business!"

- Lyvia Cairo


"Each call has felt like sweet, nourishing honey and fierce, fierce power. It’s incredibly potent to be in space held by you and to be in circle with other entrepreneurs who are 1) trusting and leaning into to the truth of their world changing wealth, 2) living the magic of the coven, and 3) creating a world of soul/heart/body coherence.
- Taylor Evans-Kawchuk

I am in awe of all the layers of support and teachings I have already received and witnessed in others, and it's only been 3 calls. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥I love Rachel’s capacity to hold and support the group and each one of us individually, addressing such diverse questions in a deep, loving, authentic, and resourceful way.

- Catarina Lapao

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