Learn to work powerfully and safely with trauma —
without over-holding and burning out.


Dear World-Changing Witches,

This course is an offering of love from my heart to yours if you know you were born to be an alchemist of personal and collective trauma.

If you're watching our world shake, rumble and quake in a thousand different ways, and through grief, rage and fear, you're still devoted to contributing to our healing, our liberation, our grand and gorgeous rebloom. 

And!... The intensities of the last few years have STRETCHED YOU. Often beyond your capacity. And you're left wondering how you're supposed to...

  • Show up from a resourced place, when you're also going through it
  • Grow your ability to contribute meaningfully to our collective climate, without getting taken out by the momentum of emergency
  • Support your clients with the depths of what they're bringing to you, without armoring up, serving from a faux window of tolerance, or trying to save or fix...

I hear you.

It's admittedly not the easiest of tasks. But it's something that can be practiced.

Now more than ever, there's a need for coaches, therapists, teachers and guides to have powerful community learning spaces where they can practice meeting trauma effectively, ethically and sustainably.

Over years of training and working with clients amidst the thickest of thick, I've learned that when you have frameworks and tools based in the nervous system, nature and the embodiment of soul, you can tap into fields that are far bigger than our human challenges, and be supported by those energies, even as you support others.

In other words —

There are almost-magical methods, that when exercised over time, can make meeting intense trauma feel like a divine dance of alchemy... rather than a jaw-clenching, belly-twisting emergency.

These practices are not meant to be done in isolation, nor through intellect alone.

In fact, the top-down all-aloneness of our cultures is a leading factor of the trauma we're undergoing collectively.

Rather, these practices are meant to be experienced together, in the moment and in the body... on the Earth and with support from well-ancestors, animals and spirit guides.

Which is why I'm so excited to have created this mystical learning cauldron for World Changing Witches ready to exercise the art of alchemy.

Hi beloved,

I'm Rachael Maddox. Two-time author, full-blood witch, and mistress of alchemical education for coaches, healers, therapists and guides seeking world-changing experiential learning about post-traumatic growth.

I wanna help you grow into an alchemical wizard of the nervous system and soul. A trustworthy guide who can both lead and follow. And a healed healer who serves from overflow, rather than over-giving just to get by.

If you're ready to grow skills that will BOTH support your own nervous system resiliency and help you meet your clients in their hardest spots with grace-filled capacity... let's be together for an immersion in the ReBloom Garden, studying and practicing the mystical art of somatic trauma resolution. 

While nervous system education is on the rise (hooray!), it takes more than mere knowledge for you to facilitate post-traumatic growth.

It takes straight-up seasoned JEDI SKILLS.

Skills that allow for you to...

  • Feel Sourced and resourced the whole way through your sessions and teachings, even when extreme difficulty enters your space
  • Meet and transform trauma without injuring yourself or your client in the process
  • Hold space for old aches to arise and alchemize... in a way that's energizing, rather than depleting for everyone involved
  • Fluently resolve both hyper physiologies (fight, flight, anxiety, appeasing) and hypo physiologies (freeze, shame, immobility, dissociation, or chronic pain & exhaustion)... so your client is free to embody greater regulation and range of resilience
  • Co-create an empowered, invitational space with your clients, so that their body's timeline is leading the show, not your ego

If you're a World-Changing Witch ready to add Jedi trauma-resolution skills to your potent healing toolkit... 

I hereby invite you into the ReBloom Garden for a month-long immersion in cultivating a soulful somatic skill set that regenerates and energizes you, even as you offer it.

Four 3-hour virtual workshops
Two 90-minute Q+As
{all classes are pre-recorded}

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When you pay full tuition, 10% of your investment gets shared with initiatives that matter!

Here in the ReBloom Garden, we are committed to sharing and circulating wealth amongst our community and beyond our community, contributing to collective wellness and resource with every dollar we receive.

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When you pay full tuition for ReBloom Foundations, 10% ($88) of your investment gets shared with initiatives that matter. Read more below.

Curriculum Overview

Lesson 1 — The Energetics of Working Safely and Effectively with Trauma

  • Regulate and stabilize yourself and the energetic field of your session spaces prior to your client's arrival... with earth-based and celestial support.
  • Learn about momentums of regulation versus momentums of trauma... and activate the choice of attunement: orienting to regulation without bypassing emergency.
  • Co-create a powerful start to all your sessions, by resourcing in a way that's tailor-fit to each client. (Trust me, this is easier than it sounds!)
  • Experiment with the craft of invitational language, choice and radical trust in your client's inherent treatment plan.

Lesson 2 — Enchanting Science Essentials & Meeting the Animal Body

Join Rachael with guest teachers Kelsey Gustafson & Jo Tucker for a lively and engaging learning experience.

  • Receive deep embodied education about the nervous system, as well as hyper and hypo trauma responses.
  • Witness how it looks and feels for your client to be within their range of resilience / window of tolerance... versus how it looks and feels when a client is in dysregulation.
  • Understand the critical dance between resource and activation — and learn when to soothe versus when to move towards discomfort for the sake of transformation.
  • Implement the art of pendulation:  shifting attention and somatic awareness from overwhelm, difficulty or trauma, towards neutrality, ease or resource.

Lesson 3 — The ABC's of Somatic Trauma Resolution

  • Dance with the five practitioner skills that, when strung together, awaken your client's natural aptitude for healing.
  • Harmonize with the instincts and impulses emerging from your client's body in a doable, consensual way.
  • Hear and try on language that invites your client into authentic relationship with their somatic experience... without forcing them to "speak from a specific body part" or go where *you* intuitively think they should go.
  • Practice the art of attuned, body-based, consensual & cooperative, doable trust in your client's embodied wisdom.

Lesson 4 — From Trauma to Turn On

  • Become more intimate with the order of embodied alchemy that tends to take hold somatically
  • Witness the difference in how to dance with hyper-arousal versus hypo-arousal
  • Invite valiant resources to assist in successfully completing hyper-arousal (fight & fight)
  • Invite warming, nurturing resources to promote gentle thawing of hypo-arousal (freeze, shame, immobility)
  • Witness the miraculous results of attuned but pressure-free somatic coaching

Move from gathering more information, to experiencing embodied transmission.


Every single workshop combines slow and digestible demo-heavy education, with an invitation to practice what you learned in a safe, enjoyable, and doable way.

End result?

You, growing into the wise, mature, miracle-facilitator you were always born to be... without getting stuck in your head tryina have all the answers.

You, bringing forth the mystical magic of Life itself in your sessions, cultivating fertile ground for your clients to heal and thrive... without so much heavy lifting.

You, having a felt-sense awareness of how to meet the most tender tricky stuff... without saving, bypassing, pressuring or fixing.


 -Four 3-hour virtual video workshops
-Two 90-minute video Q+As

PLUS extra, juicy resources:

-Two 60-minute ReBloom Coaching Demos
-ReBloom Meditations
-Scope of Practice Workbook
-Embodied Ethics Chapter
-Sample Intake Questions & Contract
-Streamable audio playlist of all workshops

You will be able to access all of the recordings and download the videos + workshops directly from the portal upon purchase. 

 Ready to embody your most magical somatic sorceress?



You can also purchase in two monthly payments of $440 or four monthly payments of $220. Simply click on "buy now" and scroll to the bottom of the page.




You can also purchase in two monthly payments of $275 or four monthly payments of $137.50. Simply click on "buy now" and scroll to the bottom of the page.


When you pay full tuition for ReBloom Foundations, 10% ($88) of your investment gets shared with initiatives that matter. Read more below.

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