We are taking an indefinite sabbatical from the coach training.

The ReBloom Coach Training is an advanced learning and unlearning program for experienced coaches & guides who are passionate about bringing safe, effective and revolutionary trauma resolution to their clients, our planet, and their most tender selves.


For the last 3 years, the ReBloom Coach Training has been growing into its soul mission of cultivating guides who can powerfully facilitate personal and collective post-traumatic growth.

Our culture is unwell, our systems are sick, and our personal and relational lives suffer as a result.

In the coaching industry (and the therapeutic industry in general), there is a deep need for liberatory learning and unlearning environments that effectively combine:

  • Leading edge nervous system science and attachment theory
  • Somatic trauma resolution facilitation
  • Anti-oppressive frameworks and praxis
  • Deep community care
  • Sacred space for personal healing
  • Body-based business mentorship 
  • Decentralized leadership
  • And pleasure and sex-positive perspectives

If you have been longing for a thorough professional training that can embolden you in your values, your capacity, your confidence and your career – all the while helping you further your vision for a more beautiful world staring real close in, in the most intimate crevices of your very own life – welcome. We’d love to invite you into the garden.

Maybe you're contemplating your life path, asking yourself, "How can I align my inner-values and my outer-impact, in a way that feels like magic for myself, my clients, my community and the world?"

And in the next breath –

"And like, make a good living inside these harmful systems, so I can share my greatest gifts without harming myself in the process?"

And then maybe in the breath after that –

"And also be held through my own unresolved traumas, through my own healing process – so when I serve it's from resource, regulation and wisdom, not stress, over-giving, or performing?"

And then, of course –

"And not have to hold the bigness of my vision for collective liberation, all alone! Where my people at?!?"

I love you for asking these questions.

In the ReBloom Garden, our devotion is to living them.

Together. Across difference. Amidst the wildness of the world.

With a tender kind of passion that believes in personal and collective possibilities: for liberation, for justice, for repair, for ecstatic life-changing love, for earned secure attachment, for planetary regeneration, for true embodied healing, and for sustainable abundance as you dish your most enlivening medicine.

If you're hungry to be part of a coven of beloveds devoted to facilitating personal & collective post-traumatic growth – the ReBloom Coach Training might be for you!

There are 2 Levels to the ReBloom Coach Training 

Both Level 1 & Level 2 include:

High-Impact Professional Education:

  • 16 powerful lessons/workshops centered around personal & collective somatic trauma resolution, co-taught by Rachael & an experienced Hive member, with practices you can immediately apply personally & professionally
  • Bi-Monthly ReBloom Our Collective Lessons focused on unlearning systems that harm, taught by a diversity of incredible liberation-minded trauma-informed guides
  • 4 4-hour ReBloom Your Business workshops taught by Rachael to help unearth your coherent medicine and bring it forward in radically regenerative and abundant ways (16 hours per Level)

Personal Healing and Integration:

  • 4 1-1 sessions with a Certified ReBloom Hive Coach
  • Self-reflection questions and personal practices to integrate every lesson
  • Peer Coaching Sessions to both give and receive what you've been learning
  • “Rest and digest” weeks OFF to integrate your growth and learning, and verrry human expectations around how you show up to the program

Community Nurturance and Care:

  • Monthly Full Moon Rituals to build community & keep rhythm together
  • Optional Intimate Biz Cauldrons to circle with quarterly around your business 
  • Affinity groups for BBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ ReBloomers to experience extra solidarity and belonging
  • White Caucus for white folks to receive support and guidance toward unlearning whiteness & taking action for liberation


There's also the Certification Track of the training, in which you can receive personalized feedback from Lead Hive Supervisors on your coaching beginning in Level 2.

We endeavor to create a training that both
takes you deep and is also digestible,
which is why the program is uniquely paced.

In the ReBloom Garden, we believe that trauma resolution requires a multifaceted approach.

Because of this, there are 8 core components
that weave throughout our program:

Click below on each individual tab to learn more about the details of our approach:

We believe post-traumatic growth is a community endeavor, and no one person holds all the medicine, teachings, or approaches on their own.

As such, our program is held, taught, enlivened and facilitated by a number of incredible trauma-informed guides! It's a truly co-created cauldron.


As a team and organization, we are committed to the lifelong process of unlearning and disentangling from systems that harm, including capitalism, white supremacy, colonization, patriarchy, abelism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-blackness, classism, anti-fatness and beyond.

We are continuously learning, unlearning, growing and healing on these fronts, and aim to make our training a brave and relatively safe space for us to be in this messy process together. 

Click here for a thorough dive into our company mission, values, community agreements and processes for harm reduction, accountability and repair.

The Dates


Level 1: 7 months

Level 2: 7 months

Certification: alongside level 2


Main Lessons take place on Wednesdays from 10am-12pm PST.

Main Workshops take place on Wednesdays from 10am-3pm PST.

A majority of the group gatherings begin at 10am PST to account for folks in North America & Europe, where most of our students are located. For more on the curriculum and schedule, head to the Level 1 website.

Enrollment happens for one Level at a time.
You do not have to commit to both Levels and Certification from the start.


The Community Pricing Model

Our aim is to offer the ReBloom Coach Training in a way that aligns deeply with our anti-capitalist and abundance-for-all values.

In this equation, we are seeking to:
1) Honor and resource the 20+ beloveds who collaborate to make the training possible. 
2) Provide students with various price points according to access and intersections of identity.

Participating in our Community Pricing Model is an act of togetherness from the very beginning – an attempt to repair economic inequity and capitalist ways of being that insist someone must be extracted from in order for the whole to have enough. We believe in a more beautiful way.

The "true price" of each Level of the Coach Training is $12,500.

In our Community Pricing Model, some folks will pay above the "true price", some will pay the "true price", and others will pay below the "true price" – according to access and intersections of identity.

The Community Pricing Options **per Level**


Regenerate: $15,000

(Payment plans between $1390 - $1500/month)

Blossom: $12,500 

(Payment plans between $865-$1250/month)

Bloom: $9,000 

(Payment plans between $624-$900/month)

Flourish: $6,000  

(Payment plans between $415-$600/month)


All payment plans are based on time of enrollment. Please read below for more information.


The Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available at all pricing options,
based on the time of enrollment.