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Self-Paced ReBloom Coherence Course

Ready to receive the magic of the 7 ReBloom Archetypes at your own pace? Join me in the garden.

What's included: 

  • 7 deep but digestible video modules on each ReBloom Archetype.
  • 7 powerful and accessible guided Coherence Practices to center you in your truth and support you in healing & releasing trauma.
  • 7 Beautifully designed 20 page Digital Workbooks to take you deeper with each Archetype. (Includes business support from each Archetype!)
  • A digital Coherence Practice Journal for logging your wisdom as it flows in from each Archetype.
  • 7 short audio practices for each individual archetype and one 50-minute coherence practice that weaves all the archetypes together, so you can do the practice away from the screen: in nature, the bathtub, or under the stars.

The 7 ReBloom Archetypes, and the medicine they uncover:


  • Healing neglect and abandonment, the sense that you don't matter or you're not allowed to need.
  • ReBlooming your natural worthiness to receive in relationship with others, to be interdependent.


  • Healing exploitation and boundary violations that lead to rigid boundaries or flimsy boundaries.
  • ReBlooming your capacity to trust and follow your embodied yeses and nos for the sake of your greatest growth. 


  • Healing shame and repression, the denial of your truest identity, medicine, creativity and gifts.
  • ReBlooming whole self expression: sharing the fullness of your heart with love and power.


  • Healing manipulation and control, narcissistic abuse and gaslighting.
  • ReBlooming your capacity to sense, see and hear your own inner-wisdom, and lead a life of integrity.


  • Healing physical and emotional violence, addiction and chaos.
  • ReBlooming the rhythms, relationships and embodied practices that help you cultivate vitality, stability and resiliency


  • Healing isolation, alienation and a disconnection from community.
  • ReBlooming intimate belonging to land, lineage, sensuality, sex, and togetherness.


  • Healing the wounds of colonization, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.
  • ReBlooming right-relationship to time, resources, power, and each other. Co-creating with Life itself.

Ready to regenerate from the bottom up and the inside out? Personal and collective liberation vibes? Let's be together in the garden. xo

Want to get a sneak peek before diving all the way in? You can access the Soul Seed introduction to the coherence course for free right here.