Level 1 of the ReBloom Coach Training is an 8-month deep dive into personal and collective post-traumatic growth. For yourself. Your clients. Your community. And our world.


If you're seeking...

  • The opportunity to learn potent practitioner skills for facilitating deep and radical nervous system transformation 
  • And then the chance to experience said nervous system transformation in a 1:1 container with an experienced, highly qualified ReBloom Coach 
  • A cohort of truly incredible humans to heal, grow, learn and unlearn alongside
  • To amplify and share your medicine with greater integrity and confidence
  • To feel anchored, regulated and deeply capable of holding powerful healing containers 
  • To change something about the way you're currently offering your services – to come more into your zone of genius (and joy!)
  • To unlearn self-extraction or capitalist marketing ploys you've been taught in the coaching industry... all the while still giving and receiving the abundance you desire
  • To feel resilient, centered and resourced in the face of collective chaos 
  • A place to grieve all the things you can't undo, save or change
  • A referral-based business because you're so damn good at what you do
  • Wild love that's full of sex, if you want it (why not?!)
  • To feel like you're part of a 'we' that's practicing collective healing, in action

...the ReBloom Coach Training just might meet you, hold you, celebrate you and uplift you.

Level 1 ReBloom Coaching Workshops

4 hours each, with an hour lunch break. Wednesdays 10am - 3pm PST.

  • Opening Workshop: Intention & Community at the Center of Everything
  • Radical Resourcing & Amplifying Natural Blueprints of Health
  • Nervous Systems & Neurobiology 101
  • The ABCs of Somatic Coaching Skills 
  • The ReBloom Allegory & Community Oracle Process: Finding Your Place in the Story of Things
  • From Trauma to Turn On: Working with Hyper versus Hypo Arousal at the Nervous System Level
  • Powerful Intakes & Personalized Client Healing Map Creation

Level 1 ReBloom Coaching Lessons

2 hours each. Wednesdays 10am - 12pm PST.

  • Discovering the Session Topic & the Three Phase Path of a Session
  • Soul Seed Part 1: From Neglect & Abandonment to Worthiness & Belonging
  • Soul Seed Part 2: Practitioner Skills for Developmental Neglect & Coaching Demo
  • Ethics Part 1: Identifying & Working Within Your Scope-of-Practice
  • Gatekeeper Part 1: From Exploitation to Sovereignty
  • Gatekeeper Part 2: Practitioner Skills for Boundary Repairs & Coaching Demo
  • Expressionista Part 1: From Shame & Repression to Whole Self-Expression
  • Expressionista Part 2: Practitioner Skills for Shame Resolution & Coaching Demo

Level 1 ReBloom Your Business Workshops

4 hours each, with an hour lunch break. Usually Fridays 10am - 3pm PST. Curriculum Subject to Change.

  • Amplifying Your Most Coherent Medicine & Envisioning Your Emergent Offerings
  • Financial Foundations & Regenerative Pricing Models 
  • Strength-Based Marketing: Super Creations vs. Super Connections
  • Sales Pages that Sell without Selling Out

Level 1 ReBloom Our Collective Lessons

2 hours each. Days and Times Vary Based on Guest Teacher Availability. Classes Subject to Change. 

  • Gender Basics with Bear Hébert
  • Healing Through Ancestral Medicine with Elydé Arroyo
  • Love as a Verb with India Price
  • Unlearning Assimilation with Salyna Cole
  • Colorism, Race & Implicit Bias with India Price
  • Decolonize Your Roots with Denise Chang

Overview of Level 2 Curriculum coming soon.

This program IS for you if:

  • You’re a leader, healer, mystic or guide with a deep desire and calling to be part of an alchemical community of humans birthing post-traumatic growth miracles on our planet in this time
  • You’ve been a coach, guide, facilitator or practitioner for a minimum of 2 years, and have current ongoing clients
  • You’ve completed a professional coaching training / healing practitioner program -or- you have 2 years professional experience with ongoing clients
  • You LOVE intimate experiential learning environments
  • You are excited and available for peer-to-peer practice sessions with other coaches in the program
  • Your values and commitments are aligned to anti-racism, anti-oppression and collective liberation – and you’re hungry to practice embodying your beliefs more and more
  • You can dedicate about 4-6 hours a week to the program (for lessons, homeworks, integrations, peer practices, etc)

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re a brand new coach or have not been through any professional training (Keep at it for another year or two and come back! This is an advanced training and we want our students to be prepared.)
  • You do not have current ongoing clients
  • You prefer more intellectualized, hands-off learning environments, and are not available for experiential learning
  • You’re at the very beginning or deep end of your trauma resolution process, and have trouble accessing presence, empowered choice or regulation around challenging topics
  • You’re not interested in being in a community that centers collective liberation, with a lens on anti-racism and anti-oppression. You’re not up for unlearning and unwinding from systems that harm.
  • You don’t have the time, energy or current life stability to ground into 4-6 hours a week of lessons, practices and peer-to-peer sessions

People of all genders, races, sexual orientations and abilities are invited to be part of this experience. Click here to read more about our company values and commitments around anti-racism, anti-oppression and collective liberation.

Feeling like it’s a fit?

Please click the image below and take some time to fill out our application. Our Program Manager, Steph, will reply to you within 3 business days. If it feels aligned, we’ll invite you to a Feeler Call where we can talk out your dreams and desires, doubts and questions, before deciding for sure if the program’s a best fit.

Potent Learning & Unlearning Experiences:

  • Seven 4-hour ReBloom Coaching Workshops to anchor into foundational trauma-informed coaching skills, as well as community-building
  • Nine 2-hour ReBloom Coaching Lessons to continue building your skills, expertise and capacity
  • Four 4-hour ReBloom Your Business Workshops to grow an inside-out, body-based, regenerative business that's aligned, integrous and abundant
  • Twelve Peer Coaching Triads where you're either coach, client or observer (4 times in each role), with a beautiful process for giving and receiving feedback
  • Six 2-hour ReBloom our Collective Lessons with brilliant guest teachers on topics such as: gender basics, sexual identity, healing through ancestral medicine, capitalism, colorism and implicit bias, decolonization, sex and pleasure-positivity, body image, anti-blackness, love as a verb, and neurodivergence. 
  • Four 2-hour Q+A Calls with Rachael and other Hive Coaches where you can bring questions about specific client cases, business challenges, or personal inquiries, and receive guidance and support
  • Regular ReBloom Your Body Classes taught by Kelsey Gustafson, integrating nervous system science and trauma-informed movement for resilience and regulation 

Personal Healing & Community Togetherness:

  • Four 1:1 ReBloom Coaching Sessions with a Certified ReBloom Coach, to meet any tender parts in your that are wanting extra care and attention
  • Monthly Full Moon Rituals guided by various Hive members or ReBloom Coaches (open to the whole ReBloom Coaching Community for extra magic and cross-pollination
  • Optional Facilitated Affinity Groups for BBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ ReBloomers for extra solidarity and belonging
  • White Caucus Space for those with white privilege to practice building somatic capacity to unlearn whiteness and make moves toward collective liberation   
  • A community Facebook group for sharing celebrations and resources, as well as asking questions or reaching out for support

Magical Materials:

  • A beautiful welcome package, shipped to your door, fullllll of beautifully sourced goodies, including a robust printed and bound ReBloom Coach Training Workbook and gorgeously designed ReBloom Altar Cards
  • Signed paperback copies of Secret Bad Girl + ReBloom
  • The ReBloom Meditation Kit (6 beautiful trauma-informed meditations made by Rachael)
  • An online Program Portal where you can find easy access to all lesson recordings, workbooks, audio transmissions, meditations and coherence audios
  • The Self-Paced ReBloom Coherence Course, for access to extra learnings on all the ReBloom Archetrypes 

Joyce Olapido

Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

"I was already a certified Sex and Love coach before I joined the program but holding conscious transformational space takes more than just learning tools. Being trauma-informed has allowed me to develop trauma-informed relationships with my clients in ways that cultivate safety, empowered trust, choice, and compassion.

ReBloom has been pretty empowering for my personal journey too. I love how it has helped me learn ways to navigate my triggers from a place of sovereignty.

 The summer integration has been one of the most transformational part of the program. We had space to practice and get coached the ReBloom way. Now that I have growing embodied knowledge I‘m more confident showing up for my medicine. 

Anyone who wants to help others heal their trauma needs to take this program."

Denise Chang

Decolonial Healing & Somatic Trauma Resolution Guide

"Rachael and the ReBloom Coach Training is the best investment I ever made in myself. The body of work, trauma resolution skills and depth of support offered has tremendously changed my life and my worldview of what’s possible for my own healing and the healing of our collective bodies. 

While I am still integrating, healing, and allowing the wisdom of ReBloom to settle into my cells and psyche, I feel prepared and well equipped to meet the challenges and dynamics of trauma as it shows up, without bypassing its difficulty.  

My capacity has grown in just the one-year I've worked with Rachael in ways I didn't think was possible. I've felt-sensed health and aliveness in ways I didn't before. This training has given me the language to find my way through the dark while orienting to the possibility of goodness and abundance that already exists within and without, even in the littlest ways that have made the biggest impact.

I especially adore Rachael’s mystic soul, loving heart and powerful teaching presence. If you’re looking to deepen your trauma-informed skills as a space holder or guide, this is it."

Assana Rae

Soul Embodiment Coach

"My experience in ReBloom was great! Even though I've done a lot of trauma work, both internally in terms of working with trauma resolution coaches, and externally in terms of studying trauma and doing other programs, this course helped me EMBODY the work unlike anything else.

I rooted down into mySelf, my truth and my knowledge of my Soul's essence and medicine. And I was able to step up and into my coaching in a way that I didn't have the confidence to do before.

I'd recommend this program to coaches who want to serve their clients at the highest capacity, who want to do no harm, and want to live in right relationship with everything in this universe, and who simultaneously want to be massively transformed in their own life."

Tanya Gillies

ReBloom Guide & Genius Community Artisan

"The training provided an unbelievable amount of valuable content. It’s a brilliantly generous program. It's helped me grow in my confidence and capacity as a coach and armed me with a system that is whimsically potent and brilliantly coherent. 

I'm cultivating a whole new level of personal resilience. But most of all, I’ve never trusted myself, others, and the healing process more. 

This is a high level advanced training for anyone who works with clients intimately. There truly is no other program out there that encompasses the WHOLE being, from the micro cellular level of the human body to the expansion of the beautifully, powerful connection with nature, and all the magic in between. This. Is. It."

Ksenya Egorova

Ecstatic Self Birth Facilitator

"When I heard from a colleague about the Rebloom Coach Training, what stood out for me was the wholeness and the interconnectedness of this method. It felt snugly woven into the web of life, coherent and clearly mapped out. Intuitively I had a feeling I need to apply as if my life depends on it.

Now in retrospect I know why. It helped me unlock a clear choice. To step out of the squirrel wheel of constant doing without feeling guilty about it. To remember what regenerative being feels like. To receive my own Medicine before serving it to people. To know the importance of my needs and how they form a solid foundation for my blooming.

ReBloom feels like a dance back into regulation. Like a profound, yet gentle healing. Like gathering the pieces of my essence to bring them back into wholeness. Like evolving in a garden that is committed to permaculture. Like refining my skills, while embodying more and more of my Essence. 

It has naturally integrated into my facilitation and somatic coaching work. It's such a pleasure to witness clients reaping juicy fruits of their ReBloom transformation!

In a world built on power over and extraction, ReBloom is a wonderful map on how to come back to thriving, interconnected and regenerative life. For all healers, guides, coaches and facilitators to support them in serving from a full cup!"

Mari de Luna

Trauma Informed Women's Empowerment Coach

"Before ReBloom I had done hundreds of hours of coaching training in Life Coaching, Sex, Love and Relationships and even functional nutrition.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like my nervous system was in a state that allowed me to integrate what I was learning in such trainings. I realize now that I had much unresolved trauma and accumulated tension in my body, that my nervous system went into further shutdown.

Going through the ReBloom process allowed me to gain key skills needed when healing from developmental trauma. I was able to tend to the deepest parts of my nervous system that were imprinted during traumatic events. The biggest shift I have noticed in the year plus of training with the Hive, is my inner voice. I can see now that I was playing the narratives fed to me under several systems of oppression. But recently, my most supportive voice shows up for me, such a difference from what it used to be.

So many aspects of my life have improved (and continue to do so) because of this training. The depth of my presence has deepened and also the capacity to stay open and receive what’s , are just a couple that come to mind."

Kimberly Finix

Alchemical Divorce Coach/Guide

"I could write a novel on how much ReBloom has changed my life both personally and professionally, but I'll give a condensed version for you here! 

Rachael's archetypal conceptualization of healing helped me to "get" the effects of trauma and the healing process from the level of the nervous system to the energetic body. Her teachings on trauma and the nervous system and how they affect our behavior have helped me to hold myself and my experiences with deeper compassion than I thought possible.

It's been a joy to see how sharing this work brings the gift of understanding, self-compassion, and self-love to my clients. Profound healing takes place when we are able to understand and accept ourselves on a deep, embodied level.

It's also been wonderful to see the values and mission of ReBloom being modeled in action from the opening retreat, through the courses, to the final integration program. 

Rachael's teaching and offerings were an ongoing demonstration of trauma-informed principles and strategies and there were bonus offerings constantly being added in response to group needs and feedback as well as societal shifts like Covid-19 and the anti-racism movement. It was an honor to be in a teaching space where leadership "walked the walk" and didn't just talk the talk."

Catherine Hale

Sexuality, Empowerment, and Trauma Practitioner

"Before Rebloom I was missing a clear and detailed structure to anchor my transformational client work - it felt like I was creating new conceptual maps but I was missing the overarching map.

Since starting the training I quickly put into use the somatic and nervous system processes and the archetypal structures. The result is my coaching sessions are way more predictable, easy to map out for both myself and my clients - the tricky territory of trauma is now navigated with more safety and ease.

I have gained SO... SO.... MUCH from this training!! I trust myself as a practitioner more, I trust my clients more, I trust our Blueprints of health more and can relax into knowing it's not about me doing so much of the work anymore. 

My confidence has expanded in navigating my inner journey of trauma resolution - the practice of resourcing has been foundational to this, giving both me and my clients a safe haven to return again and again."

Jessica Graham

Trauma and Grief Resolution Guide/Couple's Coach/Meditation Teacher/Author/Filmmaker

"I had been in the cocoon for a few years and it was getting a little cramped in there. I needed support to feel safe enough to emerge and fly. I also needed to connect with a loving community, deepen friendship, and receive mentorship in my work and life. My work, while rewarding and important, did not feel regenerative and I was often burnt out. I needed a new way of offering my medicine to my clients and the world, which included and benefited me as well. 

My work with clients has transformed into a regenerative and joyful experience. My confidence and sovereignty has increased and I now find myself with ideal clients, who are a true match. 

I feel more clear and ethical in how I "sell" my coaching containers. I've also learned how to market in a way that feels easy, fun and in alignment. My clients have certainly received the benefit of this training, and I've seen many massive shifts occur. 

My personal life is unrecognizable in most ways. I've had multiple significant life-changes which have led me to feel free to be myself and have deepened my self-compassion. I have more community. I laugh more. My friendships have deepened. My health has improved and the chronic pain I experienced has lessened. My primary relationships have shifted in some major ways. I experience more joy and fulfillment than I ever remember having access to. 

This program is led by some of the most amazing human beings. They walk the walk in the most powerful ways. I have not just become a better coach and guide, I've become a better human through ReBloom. This program is alive, sexy, safe, confronting, transformative. There will always be a before ReBloom and after ReBloom. I've been changed.  I've come home to myself in some of the most beautiful ways. I've also gotten better at my job. Specifically better at creating a sustainable and regenerative business, that serves me as much as it serves my clients.

I would recommend this program to any experienced coach, guide, teacher, or therapist. And that includes the ones who are already trauma specialists."

Lynn Wolfbrandt

Somatic Sex Educator and Coach

 "It's hard to put into words how life-changing this program has been for me, and not in that salesy, transformational, "I'm now making $1 million a year" way. Instead, it's been life-changing in this oh-so-slow digestible way, in a way that's helping me build a deep root system and foundation in myself and my business that I know will grow for years to come. 

 I feel slower in the most delicious way: as in, more grounded into my natural rhythms, values and into what truly matters in life. 

ReBloom has planted the seeds of togetherness, inter-sovereignty, and community in my life in a very real way. This program is a magical yet grounded elixir that's soul and body nourishing. If you're ready to get off the fast-hustle-push train, head into the garden."

Annie Bray

Somatic Coach/ Educator & Massage Therapist

"When I joined ReBloom I was in the midst of a shift towards a deeper and more whole-human approach to working with clients than my clinical massage therapy practice allowed. I was also looking towards having more of my work happen online (pandemic!). I knew I wanted to go even further with my knowledge of trauma and post-traumatic growth and I wanted a super robust framework for working 1:1 with clients in a body-based coaching container. I was also longing to be part of a training that was respectful, doable and that would fill me up rather than drain me.

Well, I have certainly received what I was hoping for, and magically it has proven to be even deeper, richer, more robust AND more doable and nourishing than I was expecting. The changes are slow and deep. My business is growing and shaping into something I really love. In my personal life I'm feeling more confidence around boundaries as well as letting good stuff in. It's been a joy.

I have been telling my closest friends and colleagues about how plumped up and resourced I feel as I go through this well-paced journey. It's meaningful, it's human, it's fun, it's intense, it's a little microcosm of the world I wish for. Rachael and her co-faciliators are responsive to feedback, committed to equity and willing to get into the real conversations about the underbelly of the wellness and coaching industry and the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion that runs rampant. Respect." 

More about Rachael Maddox, the founder, visionary and head teacher of the ReBloom Coach Training 

My Teaching Style:

As reflected from my previous group of students:

  •  Rooted in 13 years of professional coaching experience, trial and error!
  •  Organized but very relaxed
  •  Thorough and enthusiastic
  •  Creative and in-the-moment
  •  Full of soul, myth, science and ritual
  •  Connected and caring
  •  Honoring of human speeds
  •  Respectful of your capacity
  •  Real AF
  •  Aware of and sensitive to cultural differences
  •  Ready to be shown my blindspots, and inviting of feedback (for reallllll) 
  •  High integrity
  •  Slow and steady
  •  Revolutionary and devoted to the 'we'
  •  Empowering – I invite you to be wildly self-responsible and a leader of your own learning in this program!

Every single lesson is engaging, interactive and experiential. You can begin working with the skills you learn immediately.

If you’d like to feel me out in real-time, head here for the 4-part ReBloom Your Business video series, or here for a free 2-hour class on ConSensual Sales.


My Passion:

I love humans. I love our planet. I love us for our broken bits and our glorious bits, and mostly… I believe in us. I believe in our unbreakable magic, the miracles of Life that are laced into every atom of our beings. I believe in (and have witnessed a bajillion times) the power of quality care and connection to change everything. The way a warm hand on a wobbly heart can be the difference between lost and found. The way remembering the intrinsic instincts of your natural intelligence can put you back on track from part-cyborg to soul embodiment. It’s not too late, people. We’re still human. We can reawaken and savor the beautiful parts – in our own lives, our clients lives, our culture, our communities.

But it takes leadership and defiance, skill and patience, devotion, devotion, devotion. It takes taking a stand for something way more meaningful and ALIVE than the personal and collective trauma spells we’ve been stuck under.

That… that’s my passion. Teaching the leaders. Guiding the guides. Helping you remember how to infuse your wild heart with so much trust and capacity, resilience and power… so you can be the Co-Creative Force of Love you were always born to be.

I am here, doing my part, inviting you to join me if our medicines overlap. Because the world is ready for us. We are here for a reason.

Also?… May it be FUN. May it be full of community care and pleasure. May it be juicy and messy and magical and sometimes a lil bit bad. May it be human. May we lay on the Earth and be merry. May we be wilder and wiser, richer and deeper, at the stuff that makes Life so sacred and precious.

May we thrive together, all us Living Things.


My Identity and Background:

I grew up with two parents as teachers and an older brother in a middle-class, highly diverse part of Maryland – in between DC and Baltimore.

I would currently qualify for the Blossom Community Pricing Tier.

I am white, Jewish, cis-gendered (she/her), polyamor-ish, queer, and currently in a committed partnership with an awesome cis-white dude.

I currently live in San Diego, California on the land of the Kumeyaay people.


My Training and Experience:

I am a professionally certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Alchemical Alignment Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit Practitioner. I’ve also been trained in mindfulness meditation facilitation through the Awakened Leadership Institute, and was an assistant teacher with the Courageous Living Coach Certification for 3 years.

I've done 200+ hours of in-person liberatory group work on privilege, oppression, race, class and identity at the University of Maryland.am committed to ongoing unlearning on similar subjects with teachers such as Desiree Adaway, Resmaa Menakem, Karine Bell, Amber McZeal and Bayo Akomolafe. 

Over the last 13 years I’ve worked with hundreds of humans on developmental, collective, or sexual trauma – in one-on-one, group, retreat, workshop and immersion settings. I am devoted to the art and craft of deep, safe and effective transformation.

I’ve sold over 20,000 copies of my first book Secret Bad Girl, a sexual trauma memoir and resolution guide, and been interviewed on over 50 podcasts. In the spring of 2021, I published my second book, ReBloom: Archetypal Trauma Resolution for Personal and Collective Healing


Long-term mentors and guides:

I worked with Brigit Viksnins for over four years doing both in-person and virtual body-based trauma resolution work. I also took her training called Alchemical Alignment – it was the most healthy and grounded, sage and realigning educational experience. In her care, I became intimate with the inner-workings of the nervous system, and how to facilitate a return to vital regulation and health.

I worked with Chela Davison through two long-term Integral Coaching programs. She was the President of Integral Coaching Canada and is one of the smartest humans I know. Able to tease out developmental needs and edges with rigor, curiosity, love and sheer brilliance. Chela taught me everything I know about structuring a coaching program that’s both personalized and incredibly effective.

I received sage guidance from Jen Lemen for over a decade. With devotion and consistency, she taught me about togetherness, ritual, seasons and cycles, grief and loss, play and wildness, privilege and oppression, and how to be a human of the world.

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