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Solidarity Business Witchery CEO Coven 💦 $2k Pay-In-Full

The 7 Immersions of the Business Witchery CEO Coven

  1. Unleash Your Genius Witch: Identity Alchemy is the foundation of Infinite Potency. This immersion connects you to your most delicious flow state, and helps you center your Genius Witch in your work more than ever before. Leave knowing where to spend 80% of your time, and how to eliminate everything else from your schedule.
  2. Expansion Contraction Alchemy: Anytime we aim to expand, the urge to contract almost always lurks in the corner plotting ways to sabotage for safety. In this ritual learn to work with the wisdom of contraction while edging expansion, so you can feel more free to be brave for your truest call. This is nervous system alchemy of the highest order, and this one ritual can be used again and again and again anytime fear tries to sabotage the inevitable growth of your soul.
  3. The 10x Effect: What if bigger goals are actually… easier? Edgier, yes. But also simpler. In this immersion you’ll identify your Genius Witch's boldest vision and direction, and listen for how to make the impossible inevitable by aiming bigger, not smaller. Create a personalized 10x Business Plan and very clear directives for how to move forward with velocity rather than anxiety.
  4. Codify Your Calling: Wanna create a Body of Work rooted in your Genius Witch’s most unique medicine? Rather than teach or facilitate someone else’s? Stand out. Enlist confidence. Create an ease of process for everyone who works with you. In this immersion you’ll be guided through both practical and magical explorations to help you coalesce your wisest medicine into the outline of a signature book, program, offering or system.
  5. Financial Pleasure Flow: We think we want to receive MONEY, but really? We want the pleasure of what money can buy us, either now or later. Yes, we want to save resources, but for what? To eventually flow towards SOMETHING – even if on a whole other generation. In this ritual, we’ll work with the metaphor of water and the regenerative practice of cultivating a water retention landscape to understand how to slow, sink, spread & share our resources so that we experience a WELLSPRING of wealth for ourselves, our families, our communities and our world… now & into the future.
  6. Money Expansion Magick: The archetypes of the starving artist, the martyred activist and the undervalued healer (even if you look rich to the world) have played their role, and they can retire now. In this ritual, we’ll combine the practical work of cost benefit analysis, with the magickal work of expansive pricing that invites transformation for everyone. Leave knowing exactly what to charge for your services and offerings that will transform you & your clients the moment anyone purchases.
  7. Serve, Sell, Sub: What if your shit ain’t selling?! What’s not working?? Usually, it’s either – your sales don’t feel of service to folks, you’re not doing the actual act of selling enough, or you’re too burnt out from hustling & you need to take a damn break & receive some joy so you can reconnect to genuine service again. In this immersion, connect with your unique Service Witch, Sales Witch & Sub Witch… and call in the medicine of whichever one you need the most to return to flow with your Wealthy Witch. ;)


What else is included:

🍯 12 Somatic Coaching Councils 

🍯 6 Monthly Peer Covens! 

🍯 A Group Chat Space! 

Everything's optional. Do what feels optimal.